South East Asian Bioregional Permaculture Convergence 2012

19-22 November 2012, Hong Kong

A More Resilience Future

This convergence enlightens me on how permaculture indeed provides solutions in
fighting against poverty, and helping countries suffering from wars and natural
disasters to resilient.

In just two days, I have heard about the wonderful stories in Vietnam, Cambodia, Uganda, Philippines, China and Timor Leste.

It is the permaculturists' instinct to first identify the problems, and work out the solutions with local and sustainable resources.

Therefore, unlike the normal charity practice that helps by throwing money and resources in a project in a certain period of time; permaculturists will go out and learn what the local people truly need, and then work out a low-cost solution for them to help themselves.

Only now that I realize the techniques we learned from permaculture classes: zoning, animal management, nature pattern, appropriate technology (or to be specific: the water tank, natural water filtering, biogas, rocket stoves, solar energy......etc.) are in fact the tools and knowledge that are so needed by the developing countries.

Permaculture is not just a way out for the people in the developed countries to make up their previous fault in exploiting resources; it is also the important way out, which is ecologically healthy, economically and socially just, for the developing countries to build a local self-reliance future.

~ Anne

Friendly Reminder