South East Asian Bioregional Permaculture Convergence 2012

19-22 November 2012, Hong Kong

Inspiring lecture by David Holmgren

This morning we had a Keynote speech made by our legendary permaculture co-founder, David Holmgren via skype. Although we experienced a few hiccups on the connection during the speech, David made a very profound interpretation of the current global situation, which has, in general, changed since he first started permaculture in the 70s, and how we as permaculturists can implement. He had given many solid examples worldwide, including high-rise roof top container garden in Tokyo and sloping agriculture land technique in Sri Lanka, which are in the Asia region and are more relative to us. We were also given detailed analysis on the different strategies to use while facing peak oil, climate change, economic contraction and food distribution issues in the 21st century. We've all had a very inspiring and enjoyable lecture by David.

In the afternoon session conducted by Nick Tittle, we've had great discussions among the group regarding the 3 main strategies which the Panya Project in Thailand found very successful, and they are 1. intensively creating plant guilds/ stacking layers, 2. planting legumes around fruit trees and 3. integrating animals. Nick first showed an aerial view of the Panya site, indicating how Geoff Lawton had assisted in the design for higher efficiency. He then gave a very clear presentation on how the layering of plantations work together, with examples and names of the guilds. We were also given tips on how to plant our legumes, followed by more examples on integrated livestonck in the farm, and the session ended with sharing of experiences among the audience.


Friendly Reminder