South East Asian Bioregional Permaculture Convergence 2012

19-22 November 2012, Hong Kong

Inspiration, Energy and Happiness

Since I heard about permaculture 4 years ago, I have been reading books, visiting websites and taking PDC course. Certain names, both from Australia and Taiwan, are always mentioned and spoken about. And today, I got the honor to meet them, and participated in their seminars. I might not show but I did feel very excited and touched. Thanks to the host, KFBG, the patron, Rosemary Morrow, skyping guest, David Holmgren, Earth Passengers from Taiwan, and all the guests from 15 different countries.

I was bombarded by new games like the brain game introduced by Rosemary Morrow and new ideas (to me) like CSA which stands for "Climate Smart Agriculture". But at the end of the day, I was mostly touched by the talk given by Earth Passengers and Taiwan Permaculture Institute. Perhaps it is about the regional proximity or about the culture. During the talk, Chiang Hui-i and Peter Morehead did not show us what they accomplished in Taiwan. They showed us what their PDC students did after graduation. All the projects are fantastic, interesting and effective. When a participant asked if they have encountered any major obstacles during their permaculture movement, both Chiang and Morehead said that they have already forgotten the negative side of the projects, smiling with innocence. This, I guess, is the most important factor that leads to such successful stories in Taiwan, being positive. This is this energy that inspires their PDC students to work on their own wonderful projects.

Out of all the things that are happening in Hong Kong, this convergence does bring hope to me and all the participants, I bet. As Rosemary Morrow commented in the morning, KFBG team is the happiest team she met so far. I do hope that, as a PDC student taught here, I could be "affected" positively and start my own permaculture project soon.


~ Joyce, Hong Kong

Friendly Reminder